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Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility and at the Disclosure and Barring Service, our mission is to put safeguarding at the heart of everything we do.

These sessions will provide information on making safer recruitment decisions and helping prevent unsuitable people working with vulnerable groups, including children.

Aims and Outcomes:

The sessions will cover:

  • DBS and its role in safeguarding
  • The services provided by the Disclosure and Barring Service
  • Referral responsibilities and good referral practices
  • Current statutory obligations of the DBS and Local Authorities
  • Provision of Information and Data Protection (GDPR)
  • The DBS decision making process and considerations
  • Regulated Activity’, ‘Relevant Conduct’ and ‘Risk of Harm
  • An overview of who, what, when and why DBS IG
  • DBS and the difficulties caused by lack of information
  • Local Authority difficulties
  • Example Case Studies

Target Audience

These free sessions are aimed at those who have a responsibility for providing information, such as those in the MASH teams, Disclosure Units, Data Protection teams, Social Workers and similar.

For those working with Children

For those working with Adults

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