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Three core training module presentations and Learner Guides with extra information to support the training presentations built around COVID-19 awareness and the different needs/roles of Contact Tracing. You do not need to complete all levels; please choose the level that matches your role.

Description of Training Levels

The training will take different formats dependent on needs, roles, and responsibilities, to include:


Who For

What is Delivered


Learners Guide Level 1 Covid-19 Contact Tracing the StepsCovid-specific contact tracing training for lead professionals (environmental health officers,
CCC & PCC specialist contact tracing team) who will be contact tracing, making calls to positive cases

COVID-19 awareness – origin/transmission/infection
period/national guidelines

Full description of the contact process, covering all details involved from national to local level including isolation guidance, support, local outbreak management plan

Linking CTAS training from e-LFH to local contact tracing

Covering questions asked when someone tests positive or is a contact

Covering Standard Operating Procedures

Linking advice and contact trace to current government guidelines

Introduction to the case management system where local data is recorded that corresponds with the national CTAS data

Access to Outbreak Manager User Guide for all resources

2-hour session which can be
broken into 2 parts or
smaller bitesize sessions via TEAMS

Learners Guide Level 2 Covid-19 Contact Tracing Overview

Suitable for those who will be supporting the contact tracing team but not actively making
the calls

For partners who need information to encourage their customer base to engage with contact tracing if test positive and provide support to them for isolation or accessing testing at a local level

Provides slightly more detail than Level 3 but not as much detail as Level 1

Covers what contact tracing looks like from a national to
local level

Provides an example of questions contact tracers will ask but not in the detail of level 1 – more of an overview

Isolation guidance to match current government guidelines

Overview description of extra support information from Support Hubs

Access to Outbreak Manager User Guide provided for all resources

1-hour session via TEAMS
Learners Guide Level 3 Covid-19 Contact Tracing National overviewFor all new starters to the county council as part of their induction to raise awareness of COVID-19 measures

Basic introductory COVID-19 awareness training for staff not directly involved in contact tracing but need a basic level of understanding to support their clients/public facing interactions

Access to Outbreak Manager User Guide provided for all training resources

30 – 45 mins dependent on
questions asked via TEAMS


Individuals will feel confident and capable in providing and/or supporting contact tracing needs, from telephone contact tracing through to possible door knock contact tracing situations dependent on their contact tracing role.

If you would like a PowerPoint version of the training please contact Debbie Woodward, Interim Public Health Trainer at, with your request details.

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