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The Multi-Agency Risk Management (MARM) process provides professionals from all agencies with a framework to facilitate effective multi-agency working with adults (aged 18+) at risk of harm who are deemed to have mental capacity for specific decisions that may result in serious harm/death through severe self-neglect or risk taking behaviours and refuses or is unable to engage with services.

The MARM must only to be used when:

  1. The person has care and support needs as defined by the Care Act 2014 (unable to meet two or more of the outcomes – due to their impairment and not caused by other factors such as homelessness/lack of access to facilities); AND
  2. From the information available is it believed that the person has capacity to make decisions in relation to their own care and support needs; AND
  3. There is evidence that the person is not engaging with a range of professionals, and this has been over a period of time AND
    1. There is evidence of self-neglect which is so severe that it is felt that without a change it will have a devastating effect on the person’s wellbeing which may lead to a permanent change in the persons functioning, and /or may lead to death.; OR
    2. There is evidence of the person engaging in risky activity which could have a severe detrimental effect on their wellbeing? (this could include choosing to remain in a domestic violence situation, associating with known offenders, drug users/dealers, cuckooing being a risk)

MARM Process Summary

Before making a referral for a MARM

  • Have other areas of support been considered such as signposting to supportive agencies and services?
  • Have all other avenues for support and engagement with the adult at risk been exhausted?
  • Has a Multidisciplinary Teams Meeting (MDT) already taken place or been considered?
  • Is the risk significantly high enough to warrant a MARM?
  1. Raise a Concern by making a referral to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)  clearly stating this is for a MARM and include evidence to support your referral and advise the adult at risk that you are making the referral
  2. Information Gathering by the MASH
  3. Scoping the Risk Action Plan Meeting – representatives from all key agencies who are or should be linked to the case are invited and MUST attend and the Adult at Risk invited
  4. Risk Action Planning Meeting– follows a framework to develop MARM Risk Action Plan
  5. Test of Engagement – MARM Risk Action Plan shared with Adult at Risk
  6. Review
  7. Case Closure- there must be agreement by all professionals involved in the case that this process is no longer required before it is closed.

MARM Principles

Further Information:

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Adults Procedures and Guidance – Safeguarding Adults Procedures | Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Safeguarding Partnership Board (

Full Multi-Agency Risk Management Guidance – Multi-Agency Risk Management Guidance | Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Safeguarding Partnership Board (

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What is the MARM? Briefing

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