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Are you, or is one of your colleagues, struggling to work with someone who hoards or self-neglects? Hoarding disorders are challenging to treat, because many people who hoard frequently don’t see it as a problem, or have little awareness of how it’s impacting their life or the lives of others. Many others do realise they have a problem, but are reluctant to seek help because they feel extremely ashamed, humiliated or guilty about it.

It’s really important to encourage a person who is hoarding to seek help, as their difficulties discarding objects can not only cause loneliness and mental health problems, but also pose a health and safety risk. If not tackled, it’s a problem that will probably never go away. The clutter can pose a health risk to the person and anyone who lives in or visits their house. For example, it can:

  • make cleaning very difficult, leading to unhygienic conditions and encouraging rodent or insect infestations
  • be a fire risk and block exits in the event of a fire
  • cause trips and falls
  • fall over or collapse on people, if kept in large piles

Have you got a risk assessment in place for this situation?
Are the fire authorities aware of the issue?
Cambridgeshire Fire Service are encouraging those with hoarding tendencies to get in contact and arrange a home fire safety check.

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