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Taking action to keep children and adults at risk safe in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Friday (1 February) sees the launch of the annual local Safeguarding Awareness Month which aims to raise awareness of the importance of keeping people safe by reminding everyone that the safety of individuals is everyone’s business. Safeguarding is about keeping children, young people and adults, who are at risk from <a aria-describedby="tt" href="" class="glossaryLink" data-cmtooltip="

This includes: physical abuse<br/> sexual abuse<br/> emotional abuse<br/> psychological abuse<br/> financial or material abuse<br/> neglect or acts of omission<br/> discriminatory and organisational abuse<br/> domestic abuse<br/> modern slavery<br/> self-neglect<br/><br/>Abuse may consist of a single act or repeated acts.  Abuse can occur in any relationship and may result in significant harm to, or exploitation of, the person subjected to it.
" >abuse and neglect, safe and…

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